2014 news


19th January - Lindall Nadia at Naiken JW won her 3rd RCC at Manchester ch. show, judge Louise Blunt.


1st February - Ch. Naiken Xclusive Dream JW won RCC at LRC of Wales ch show, judge Lucy Kent.


9th March - CRUFTS - Sh.Ch. Naiken Quincy JW 1st Veteran dog (aged 10.5yrs)

                                    Sh.Ch. Naiken Way Out West JW 1st Good Citizen Dog

                                    Ch. Naiken Zephyr JW 3rd Special Working dog & 2nd BASC working gundog picking up class

                                     (breed dog judge Mr A Ellis, BASC judge Mrs D Stevens)


25th May - Ch. Naiken Xclusive Dream JW won Grade 2 agility and also gained enough points for her Agility Warrant (bronze) to become

                 Ch. Naiken Xclusive Dream JW AW(B)


30th May -  Ch. Naiken Zephyr JW won the RCC to his half brother Ballyduff Marius at Southern Counties ch. show. It was Marius' 3rd CC

                    making him a show champion. Both boys are sired by Way Out West. Judge Becky Johnson.


14th June -  Ch. Naiken Zephyr JW won his 6th CC and went onto BIS at The Labrador Retriever Club ch. show. Judges Allan Taylor (dogs)

                    and Barry Rooth (bitches)


2nd August - Ch. Naiken Zephyr JW won his 7th CC, and went on to Best of Breed and shortlisted to the final 8 in the gundog group at  

                      Paignton champ. show. Judge Anthony Allen (breed) and Pam Blay (group)


3rd August - Sh. Ch. Naiken Quincy JW won his 7th CC at the age of 10 and a half at National Gundog champ.show. He also won the Veteran

                      stakes. Judges Mary McCulloch (breed) and Jock Mackay (Stakes)


17th August - Ch. Naiken Xclusive Dream JW AW(B) won her 9th CC at Welsh Kennel Club. Judge Beth Sweigart (from USA)


19th September - Naiken Alize won the Yearling bitch stakes and went on to win overall on the day at Driffield ch. show.

                             (Judge Miss Becky Johnson)


5th October - Ch Naiken Zephyr JW won his 8th CC and went Best Opposite Sex in Show (judge Mr R Morris) and Naiken Alize won her 1st

                       RCC and went on to Reserve Best in Show (bitch judge Mrs K Powell).


11th October - Ch Naiken Xclusive Dream JW AW(B) won her 10th CC at South Wales KA (judge Mrs M Gardner)


16th November - Ch Naiken Zephyr JW went Reserve Best in Show and Sh Ch Naiken Quincy JW went Best Veteran in Show at The Labrador

                             Club open show (judge Mr C Rose)



Summary of 2014 -

It has been a really good year! Zephyr won 3 CC's taking his tally to 8, Quincy aged 10 & a half won his 7th CC and Inca (Xclusive Dream won 2 CC's taking her tally to 10. As well as that she won her Bronze agility warrant and won into Grade 3 agility. Last but not least Tilda (Alize) won her 1st RCC.

The Naiken kennel offspring have also had a lovely year, many qualifying for Crufts, winning RCC's and Junior Warrants, congratulations to all of them!!!


Good luck for 2015!!